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Payment & Shipping


Blair Wears currently accepts all major credit cards, which includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as bank transfers. 

For credit card payments, you will be directed to Stripe payment page upon checking out. Please make payment immediately via the Stripe pop-up page to secure your order. Do check that you have reached the payment gateway via Blair Wears website to ensure that your payment is received and updated successfully in our system.

For bank transfers, please note that payment has to be made within 2 hours from order confirmation. After you have made the transfer, please notify us by entering the details of the transaction onto the Update Payment Transfer page using the link provided in your email. Do note that for bank transfers, we would require 1 business day to verify payments.

In the event when a purchase is made but items go out of stock, we will issue you a store credit with 1 year expiry.

If you have any store credits or discount code, please utilise it in during checkout. The total payable amount will be updated once the code has been successfully applied.

All prices are final upon payment.



Blair Wears ships worldwide. All orders will be dispatched out from our warehouse within 2 business days and an email with your Tracking Number will be sent to notify you once your order has been dispatched.

Shipping within Singapore

Blair Wears ships locally via J&T Express. We offer complimentary Standard Courier for local orders above $80. Otherwise, a flat rate of $3.00 will apply for all orders. Our Standard Courier is a doorstep delivery that allows you to track your parcels and let you have an ease of mind. Deliveries are available from Monday to Sunday between 9:00am to 10:00pm, and it will take 1 to 3 working days to reach you upon dispatch.

Blair Wears also offers Express Courier (Next Day Delivery) through J&T Express. Deliveries are available from Monday to Sunday between 9:00am to 10:00pm. Orders via Express Courier will be delivered the next day from the day of dispatch from our warehouse. Kindly note that orders going by Express Courier will also be subjected to slight delays during major sales, festive periods and high volume of sales.

Please refer to the following chart for the estimated delivery fees:

Parcel Size  Extra Small  Small  Medium  Large  Extra Large 
Weight  0 - 1kg  1.01 - 3kg  3.01 - 10kg  10.1 - 20kg   20.1- 30kg 
Charges  $4.20 $4.70  $6.30 $9.50 $19.20

There will be up to 3 free trips of delivery. After 3 failed attempted deliveries, a re-delivery charge will apply on the third attempt and the charges will be advised accordingly. Kindly provide us with the accurate information to avoid any error in delivery.

Self Collection

Customers have the option to self-collect their orders at our office at no additional cost. Self-collection are by appointments only. When your order is ready for self-collection, we will notify you via email and we will schedule an appointment with you. Kindly self-collect within 3 months from your date of order, otherwise your order will be forfeited.

Shipping Worldwide

Blair Wears ships internationally using J&T Express. For assurance and security, all orders allow you to track your parcel. All international orders will take about 7-14 working days to reach you, depending on each individual destination.

Please refer to the following chart for the estimated delivery fees:

Weight (Kgs)

Zone 1

West Malaysia

Zone 2

Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan

Zone 3

Vietnam, South Korea, Brunei

Zone 4
New Zealand, Australia, China, india

Zone 5

Zone 6
Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar

Zone 7
U.S., Canada, Mexico


SGD 4.99

SGD 10.87

SGD 13.01

SGD 15.24

SGD 19.40 

SGD 29.57

SGD 30.11


SGD 7.85

SGD 14.30

SGD 17.89

SGD 20.85

SGD 27.56

SGD 38.39

SGD 40.19


SGD 9.57

SGD 17.72

SGD 22.75

SGD 26.47

SGD 35.74

SGD 47.22

SGD 50.27


SGD 11.29

SGD 21.14

SGD 27.61

SGD 32.08

SGD 43.91

SGD 56.04

SGD 60.35


SGD 13

SGD 24.67

SGD 32.49

SGD 37.7

SGD 52.09

SGD 64.88

SGD 70.43


SGD 14.72

SGD 27.64 SGD 38.29 SGD 44.25 SGD 60.27 SGD 73.70 SGD 80.25


SGD 16.43 

SGD 30.72 SGD 44.10 SGD 50.80 SGD 68.43 SGD 82.52 SGD 90.08


SGD 18.15

SGD 33.80 SGD 49.89 SGD 57.36 SGD 76.61 SGD 91.35 SGD 99.90


SGD 19.87

SGD 36.87 SGD 55.69 SGD 63.91 SGD 84.79 SGD 100.17 SGD 109.72


SGD 21.58

SGD 39.95 SGD 61.50 SGD 70.46 SGD 92.96 SGD 109.00 SGD 119.55

Weight (Kgs)

Zone 8
U.K., Germany, France

Zone 9

Denmark, Norway, Ireland

Zone 10

Turkey, U.A.E.

Zone 11
Brazil, Colombia

Zone 12
East Malaysia


SGD 34.86

SGD 57.40

SGD 75.15

SGD 92.40

SGD 7.27


SGD 45.28

SGD 76.52

SGD 99.43

SGD 123.14

SGD 8.10


SGD 55.69

SGD 95.65

SGD 123.70

SGD 153.89

SGD 11.19


SGD 66.11

SGD 114.77

SGD 147.98

SGD 184.63

SGD 14.28


SGD 76.52

SGD 133.90

SGD 172.26

SGD 215.38

SGD 17.37


SGD 85.90

SGD 156.07

SGD 201.10

SGD 245.17

SGD 20.46


SGD 95.28 SGD 178.25 SGD 229.94 SGD 274.96 SGD 23.55


SGD 104.66 SGD 200.42 SGD 258.78 SGD 304.75 SGD 26.64


SGD 114.04 SGD 222.60 SGD 287.62 SGD 334.54 SGD 29.73


SGD 123.42 SGD 244.78 SGD 316.46 SGD 364.34 SGD 32.82


International Taxes and Customs Charges

International customers may be required to pay sales taxes, duty and/or customs charges. All taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the cost of the order or shipping charge. Taxes and customs charges differ depending on the country and state of the shipping address. We suggest contacting your local customs office if you are unsure of the applicable taxes and customs fees that are relevant to you.


Split delivery

Split delivery allows you to receive your instock items before your backorder items. You will be able to make your selection upon checkout and charges will apply accordingly.

For local orders, as long as the value of each shipment is above $80, you will be entitled to complimentary split delivery. Split delivery will be charged at $3 per shipment if the value of each shipment is less than $80.