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About Us



Founded in 2018, Blair Wears is a curated collection of locally designed garments, owned and operated by sisters, Heather and Niki Lim, in Singapore. The creation of Blair Wears was inspired by Blair Cornelia Waldorf from Gossip Girl, who is a powerful woman that makes us want to dream bigger, dress better and accomplish more in life.



At Blair Wears, we aim to create the perfect wardrobe for women by offering pieces we felt were missing from our own closets and eventually putting them into yours. Every piece at Blair Wears is meant to bring out the feminine beauty of women, creating a signature style flowing through every design.



Every fabric is carefully handpicked, and every finish is thoughtfully crafted. We pride ourselves in fabricating pieces that are sure to feel as fab as they look. These are the clothes that we want to be decked out in and we are positive that you will feel the same.

BlairWearers: Clothed in strength and dignity, she laughs without fear of the future.